Original Salvador Dali “Divine impenetrability” Hand signed – Divine Comedy

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Hand- and plate signed edition. (from a complete hand signed suite in 3 portfolio cases, see pictures)


Salvador Dali


Title: “Divine impenetrability”


Original woodcut from Dante’s “La Divine Comedie”, Le Paradis, chant 22


Editions D’Art Les Heures Claires Paris (Jean Estrada) 1959-1963


On B.K.F Rives paper (some with BFK Rives watermark, some with Les Heures Claires watermark)


The woodcut in mounted in an original Arches paper passe partout.


Reference: Michler/Lopsinger 1039/1138, Albert Field page 189/200


Size woodcut : 33 x 26,5 cm


Total size incl. passe partout : 43,5 x 32 cm